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Factors To Consider When Choosing LED Light Bars


When it comes to driving especially at night, you should make sure that have the best lighting. Most people always wonder the best beam pattern to choose for their LED light bars. In case you are among these people, then you have come to the right place here are some insights to help you make the right decision.

There are different types of the beam pattern that you can choose for your vehicle. Before you make a choice on the LED light bars for your vehicle, there are some things that you should put into consideration. The beam type is one of the factors that can influence your choice of LED light.


Spotlight beam

The spotlight beam has a spread of about thirty degrees. This kind of lighting gives a narrow and long light. It is jhhnmkplksuitable for task lighting. You can use it for night time visibility. It allows light to focus on one area. Therefore, if you are planning to travel at night, then you should buy the spot beam.

Using a spotlight beam enables you to see a far off distance. The spotlight beam has a wide coverage and thus you can even see the sides of the road. You are guaranteed of safety when you use this lighting beam. The reason is that you can see objects far off before you reach them. You will be in a better position to avoid any hazards that you may encounter when driving.

Floodlight beam

The flood light differs from the spotlight regarding light produced and the width covered. It is broad and covers a distance of 120 degrees. The light is wide enough to help you cruise around without any problem. It is suitable for lighting a camp site or even your work area.

However, you cannot use it for driving purpose since it will not reach a long distance. Floodlights can be use d for off-road driving. It allows you to illuminate a given area without any problem. However, you should go with an option that is all encompassing and gives you good coverage when you are on the road.

Combination Beam

jhjhjhjhjhIt is a mix of the flood beam and the spot beam. You can make use of the combination beam when all you want is versatility. It is suitable for different types of applications.

Therefore, it is a popular choice for many people. Choosing a combination lighting for your LED light bar is advisable if you will be doing off road driving and using it as a work light.…

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